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National Conferences

The Philippine National Philosophical Research Society (PNPRS) conducted different national conferences in various parts of the Philippines to strengthen Philosophy understanding and its relation to the significant concern of society.

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The PNPRS National Conference 2019 aims to unify thinkers and creative artists in a meaningful discourse regarding Society, Heritage, and Indigenous Art. The conference examined Filipino history and culture into philosophical rethinking and critical reflection. It happened on February 07-09, 2019, at Saint Louis University, Baguio City.

The PNPRS, together with San Beda University, conducted the National Conference 2018 with the theme of Identity, Values, and Education. The keynote speakers in this discussion are Prof. Amable Tuibeo talks about education; Prof. Danilo Alterado, on Nakem and Politics of Identity; and Prof. Jove Jim Aguas, tackling Rediscovering of Filipino Values and Moral Ingenuity.

PNPRS National Confernce 2014.png

The PNPRS National Conference 2014 emphasizes its discussion on the Philosophical Research in relation to the K-12 Program. The speakers during the session are Prof. Jove Jim Aguas, Dr. Mark Joseph Calano, and Dr. Rolando Gripaldo. The conference was on May 17, 2014, at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila.

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