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International Conferences

The PNPRS is actively participating and involved in conferences occurring internationally, which contributes to Filipino philosophy development.

JohnPaul 2 International conference 2019 Cebu.jpg

The John Paull II Centennial International Conference is organized in commemoration of the remarkable contributions of Pope John Paul II in Theology and Philosophy and marks his one-hundred years of birth.

The PNPRS participated in the 2018 World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing, China, on August 13-20, 2018. The objective of the 2018 congress is to examine human dimensions and analyze societal challenges.

2018 World Congress.jpg
ACERP International 2018 Conference.jpg

2018 ACERP International Conference is one of the conferences joined by the PNPRS. It was held on March 22-24, 2018, in Kobe, Japan. The conference's theme is "Surviving and Thriving in Times of Change." Which put into question the changes utilizing traditions and studies on religion, philosophy, and ethical studies.

The PNPRS took part in the International Conference that happened in Romania in 2018, emphasizing Religion, Knowledge, and Society.

Romania picture 2018 international conference.jpg
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