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The Philippine National Philosophical Research Society is a nonstock, nonsectarian, and nonprofit society. Its advocacy is to make philosophy an essential instrument and academic discipline in nation-building and world understanding. It recognizes loyalty to philosophy and to the nation. To support its activities, particularly philosophical researches and the publication of "Philosophia: International Journal of Philosophy," the Society shall raise funds for such purposes. It shall explore avenues of raising funds through memberships, subscriptions, donations, and others. It shall also establish links with foundations, philanthropists, political and economic leaders, and other entities (Art. I, Sec. 1, PNPRS By-Laws). PNPRS hopes to produce not just scholars but world class philosophers as well. 

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History of PNPRS and Philosophia

This paper traces the survival of a journal—Filosofia—in the process
of ups and downs. It continued to do so and we hope it will go on to have a permanent niche in history.

Written in 2014 and presented in the 2014 National Conference by Dr. Rolando M. Gripaldo, the Executive Governor of PNPRS and Editor-in-chief of Philosophia.  Dr. Gripaldo died in 2017. As Vice Executive Governor and Associate Editor, Dr. Jove Jim S. Aguas assumed the position of Executive Governor and Editor-in-chief. 

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